Fall time in Kentucky means two things. The first is that its going to be cool at night and the second thing is that the NDRL is in Beech Bend for the final race of their season. This season is like the last and we had three points races that still had five drivers with a chance to win each class and it ended up a lot closer than anyone could have ever imagined.

Performance Automotive Racing Engines PRO Gas rolled into the lanes and after two rounds it took a dead 7 lap to break the top five. It took Jeff Thomas two laps but he ended up dead 0 on his D/G index taking the possible bye into round one and the Dishon Transmission low qualifier bonus. Five rounds later we found Jaxon Messamore downing Mike Cutler to advance to the final where he would meet up with Dan Mullin who advanced on a bye. The final was all Messamore as Mullins car was wounded and he could not make the call.

Renegade Race Fuels PRO Comp came to the lanes next and it took a 3 over lap to break into the five with Nick Melone taking the top qualifying spot holding the possible bye for round one and the Dishon Transmission low qualifier bonus. Semi final pairings found Brett Edwards taking the tree and leading Beth Mallak to the stripe to meet up with Skeeter Wayne who advanced on the bye. The final was over quick as Edwards lit it red and watched Wayne cruise to the victory.

Phenix Racing Industries PRO 7.5 had three drivers that decided to run dead on in qualifying but none better than Kelly Freels Key whose dead 1 lap parked her on top of the stack and paid her cold cash compliments of the Dishon Transmission low qualifier bonus. Semi Finals found Kerry Millet squeaking past Justin Shaffer to meet up with Pat Sywassink who dropped a near perfect bulb to park James Hayes for the evening. Both drivers left almost dead even with Millet pulling ahead and taking the win.

Last up, the fastest category on the place, Ross Racing Engines PRO 7.0 took to the lanes last and the pulled in to make a statement. Cory Millet wasted no time trying to win the 2019 championship by drilling a dead 7 lap to take the top spot and ride the bye and earn the Dishon bonus but also 5 free points towards that title. Semifinal pairings had Jeffrey Sanborn advancing over Robbie Freels only to meet up with another Freels in the final as father Pat advanced with the bye. The final was over early as Freels lit the red apple with Sanborn legging it to the stripe to take the win and Championship.

Winners of the Dishon Transmission Shootout Bonus was Kerry Millet and Sal Petrulis. Winner for the DRE Engine Diaper certificate is JB Wood.

The 2019 awards banquet will be held at the Wyndham Indy West on November 2nd where we will celebrate our racers and put the cap on this season.

As always, thank you to our partners for without them we would not be here. Ross Racing Engines, Phenix Industries, Renegade Racing fuels, Performance automotive Racing engines, Freedom Racing Engines. Gateway Kartplex, Lug Nutz, Competition Products, Howards Cams, ET Genie, DJ Safety, Sexton Wilbert Corporation Deist Safety, Xs Power, Saldana Racing Products, Moser Engineering, Hagerty, Dishon Transmission Service Powermaster, Biemer's BBQ, AACO Golf Carts and Parts, Callies Performance Products, Terry's Truck and Trailer Equipment, Chuck-A-Burger Drive-In Restaurant, Hot Heads Research, M&E Pump, Hoosier Gear, and DRE Engine Diapers.