Briggs & Stratton Returns For a Second Year
- Posted March 06, 2014 -
NDRL officials announced Friday that Briggs & Stratton Corporation have returned for the 2014 NDRL-IAM Championship season. Returning for a second year, they will be working with the NDRL for the entire 2014 season with the Briggs & Stratton Corporation’s Hot August Nights at Route 66 Dragway in Joliet, Illinois being the main focus for the season.

As innovators in the small engine market, Briggs & Stratton Corporation now brings its newest offering to the table in the form of Advanced Formula Ethanol-Free Fuel, a line of premium fuel and stabilizer blends specifically designed to make operation of 2- and 4- cycle engines smoother while boosting longevity and performance.
“Ethanol-blended fuel attracts moisture, which particularly causes damage to engines that power outdoor equipment resulting in costly repairs,” said Doug Dougherty, vice-president of North American Service, with Briggs & Stratton Corporation. “Protecting the lifeblood of the equipment is critical, making an ethanol-free fuel the natural solution to maintaining good engine health and saving consumers time and money in the long run.”
“We are extremely happy to have Briggs back onboard for the 2014 season,” said Troy Wilson, NDRL President. “The company brings more than a name, it brings a product that you can believe in and the support for that product that consumers deserve.”

Look for more information in the coming weeks on Briggs & Stratton Corporation. More info can be found at
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