- Posted January 29, 2014 -
We are proud to announce that the International Association of Machinists and Aero Space Workers (IAM) has returned as the NDRL Championship Series title sponsor for the fourth straight year.

The partnership between the NDRL and the IAM is a natural, as both organizations share the same values of respect, fairness and integrity toward their members and associated business organizations.

2014 marks the 125th anniversary of the IAM, proudly representing workers in the US and Canada.

Founded in 1888 by 19 machinists in locomotive pit at Atlanta, GA, the IAM is now over half a million members strong in the US and Canada.

IAM Members work in industries at the heart and soul of the safety and security of North America, and the free world, building military fighters, ships, nuclear submarines, and spacecraft, to mention a few.

They keep America rolling into the future in businesses large and small, at rail yards, the aerospace and airline industry, auto and truck dealers, package delivery, truck rental agencies, heavy equipment industry, manufacturing and much more.

Through collective bargaining, IAM members are empowered to achieve, better working conditions, due process on the job and a better way of life, while gaining significant economic benefits. IAM leaders and representatives, (elected from and by their membership) uphold and promote basic principles of democracy, fairness and dignity at the workplace. Their combined efforts create a strong middle class and a standard for all workers to strive for.

We are proud of our partnership with the IAM and together we look toward a bright future for our nation and our respective members.
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