Hot August Nights results posted!
- Posted December 19, 2013 -
The Hot August Nights is in the books. Mike Chilando and the NDRL combined to bring the NDRL-IAM Championship series into Edgewater Sports Park in Cleves, Ohio. Chilando, the owner of, was the title sponsor for our fourth installment of the 2013 racing season and offered special incentives to the racers throughout the weekend.

The racers unloaded early Friday to set up camp and to get prepared for the first qualifying session. During the tracks routinely scheduled test and tune, it became apparent the track was not going to be up to the task so NDRL Officials had to ultimately make the decision to wave night ones qualifying sessions and prepare for Saturday.

Saturday morning came around with the teams preparing for another days racing. The weather was perfect for racing with a few clouds passing by and the sun beating down. All the teams had to be ready to get the job done on the only qualifying pass they would receive and with the points chase winding down, these laps were very important to a few racers.
PRO Gas was first to the track and Ohio native Bob Mitchell unloaded taking the number one spot running .042 over his 10.00 index. Elden Miller was needing a good lap to earn points and keep pace with points leader Sam Patrick but ran under his 8.00 index with a 7.995 putting him 7th on the sheet and earning no bonus points.

PRO Comp turned the corner next and another Ohio native, James Browder III, took the point running .051 over his 9.50 index. The top three drivers in NDRL PRO Comp Points shared the bottom of the ladder as they were all under by a maximum of .016. These drivers also earned no bonus points tightening up the points for the final event.

PRO 7.5 thundered to life with Wayne Sears leading the pack with a dead on lap of 7.500 to take the top spot and the single for first round. Sears also earned the maximum allowed 5 bonus points for his qualifying efforts.Pat Malloy and Dave Waters rounded out the top three.

PRO 7.0 was up next and it showed as everyone was standing in the bleachers and the fence was lined with spectators hoping to get a better look at these awesome machines. Tennessee standout Ronny Robinson took the "Mechanical Bull" to the top with a 7.019 @ 190.59. East coaster Steve Walczak was knocking on the door with a 7.030 @ 191.40 and Sue Christopherson and her gorgeous 57 Chevy funny car rounded out the top three with a 7.035 @191.85.

PRO 7.0 first round was anything but normal. Probably the oddest pair was Larry Harlen and Christopherson. Both drivers left identically but both cars experienced issues early. The 57 had lost fire and as Harlen coasted along he was able to get back after taking the win with a whopping 12.076 to a losing 14.38. Mark Vaught earned the first bonus of the night getting a $100.00 gift certificate from for best reaction time of the eliminations with a .002 lamp.

PRO 7.5 started with Sears taking the bye but ended with the second and third certificates offered up by Chilando being handed out. Chilando put up another $500.00 worth of gift certificates to any pair with the tightest margin of victory (MOV). Justin Malott and Dave Waters earned $250.00 each with a .004 MOV giving the nod to Malott to continue.

PRO Comp/Gas were combined per NDRL guidelines and the hits came early for the points players. By the end of the second round, Greg Hillyer (Gas) and Troy Wilson (Comp) were the only points earners left and with Wilsons exit in round three that left Hillyer alone to carry the momentum.

At this time, the track was suffering from several timing issues and after a lengthy delay to replace the computer they were back underway but the track conditions had went past where we were comfortable to send our racers to go. The decision to pull the plug was made and its never easy to do this but racer safety is our top priority and its with that we knew we were making the right call.

The remaining cars split up the purse monies evenly. We will let the remaining drivers decide who gets the custom race trophies at our next event, the Quick Fuel Fall Finals, next month. With the qualifying moved down to one lap and the race being cut short, the points are tight in most classes and BG will decide the fate of several drivers.
Once again, we would like to thank our drivers, our marketing partners, and to all of those who support us.

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