Briggs & Stratton and the NDRL deliver at the Arch
- Posted September 02, 2015 -

Madison, IL. August in the Midwest will deliver two things. The first is the best in nostalgia racing and the second will be the hot muggy days that the summer brings earning this race the name Briggs & Stratton Hot August Nights. The NDRL teamed up with the Pacific Street Car Association and the Street Car Super Nationals to deliver an entire weekend of racing delivering the best of yesterday’s technology and the fastest street cars in the nation using the best of modern technology.
Starting with a test session on Thursday, the teams hit the track testing in hopes of finding the perfect tune up to go rounds leading into Fridays qualifying rounds. The weather for this race would be a factor as it has in all of our previous August events except with a twist the weather was perfect for racing with low temps and humidity capping it off with a corrected altitude of less that 1500ft, best of 2015.
Quick Fuel Technology PRO Gas continued where it left off at our last race with staggering qualifying numbers. Bob Mitchell took his Dodge Dart to a .016 over his E/G index and that was good enough for 5th. Sam Patrick took his swing at it and he bested Mitchells lap to take 4th place running .013 over his E/G index. As impressive as those numbers were, the top three had other plans. Nick Dishon, wheeling the family Camaro, rolled out early running dead on .003 to take 3rd, Chuck Owen running .002 over for second and young Jaxon Messamore taking the point in the Jones tribute Camaro running dead on 0. Semifinals found Forrest Williams taking a lead off the line to force Dishon under advancing him to the final to meet John Treesh who advanced with the bye. The final was decided early when Williams rolled through the beams handing the win to Treesh.

Hot Heads PRO Comp followed the same performance level as the gassers and the numbers are equally impressive. Dale Fidler, wheeling his Bantam, rolled out his D/C index and ran it going .016 over to take 5th. Longtime racer Pat Lamont bested Uncle Dales efforts slightly riding his A/C index in running .011 over just missing the 3rd place lap by Gary Leever who was .008 his B/C index. Kentuckys own Bob Darlington hit a homer early on running dead on 2 his E/C index to hold the top spot for a few minutes at most as newcomer Jake Broerman took his S&W rail to the point running 9.001 to earn the bye into first round. Semifinals found Broerman catching Fidler napping at the tree and carried the momentum to the finals meeting Troy Wilson who advanced past a red lighting Bill Fuesting. The heads up final started with Wilson taking the early advantage and holding the momentum to take the win.
Phenix Industries PRO 7.5 thundered to life and the performance here came in the early qualifiers. Michelle Lewis rolled her 69 Gilmore into the top half running 7.56 to take 5th. The family Shaffer made the turn under the tower for tandem side by side ear splitting burnouts. Justin, the younger of the two ended up 4th leaving the 3rd spot to his father Dave running .024 over. The top two spots left the Willys contingent smiling as Darrell Wathen took home 2nd running .012 over just missing buckeye Kerry Millett and his pole earning pass of .010 over. The semifinals found Wayne Sears taking the tree on the elder Shaffer advancing to the final with Bo Boles who advanced on a bye. Sears left first on Boles but it was all Boles as his dead on 5 lap was more than enough to earn his first NDRL victory.

Ross Racing Engines PRO 7.00, the fastest of the fleet came under the tower for qualifying and it took all three laps to get the order situated. Pat Freels rolled “the Islander” into the water and immediately into the top five with a 7.059. Larry Harlen was able to best Freels effort pulling the sticks in the Anglia taking the 4th spot running .048 over. Third place found Rocketman Robbie Freels taking the Canode altered to a 7.046 lap barely missing the 2nd place effort posted by Ronny Robinson parking the “Mechanical Bull” with a 7.021. NDRL champ Billy Smith took the third and final session seriously taking the top spot with a 7.011 holding the bye into round one.
Semi Finals found Robbie Freels advancing over Smith with a dead on 5 lap to meet Justin Malott who advanced with a bye. The final was decided early as Malott left -.010 early lighting the red light of shame but legging it out to run 7.013 to Freels 7.012 handing Freels the win.

We were also able to complete the trophy run offs from the rain shortened event at Norwalk. Sam Patrick, Stan Hunter, Derek McCuiston, and Pat Freels earned the trophies and the contingency awards adding a little extra buzz to their weekends.

Next up for the NDRL-IAM Championship Series will be our season finale, The ET Genie Fall Finals, ran in Bowling Green, KY with the Goodguys Nostalgia Nationals September 18-20.
Thanks to all the racers and fans that came out. As always, we would be nothing without the great marketing partners that support us: International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers (IAMAW), Quickfuel Technologies, Briggs and Stratton, ScottRods Custom HotRods & Fiberglass, ET Genie, Sexton Wilbert Corporation, Ross Racing Engines, Hot Heads Research, Phenix Industries, Freedom Racing Engines, Howards Cams, Saldana Racing Products Competition Products, Shorty Rader Racing, Deist Safety, Renegade Racing Fuels & Lubricants, DJ Safety, and Buzelli Golf.

Ross Racing Engines PRO 7.00
Winner-Robbie Freels 7.012/194.35
Runner up- Justin Malott 7..013/198.0

Phenix Industries PRO 7.50
Winner-Bo Boles 7.505/175.32
Runner up- Wayne Sears 7.568/154.32

Hot Heads PRO Comp
Winner-Troy Wilson 9.062/137.93
Runner up- Jake Broerman 9.16/138.12

Quick Fuel Technology PRO Gas
Winner-John Treesh 8.945/150.77
Runner Up- Forest Williams (broke)

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