13th Annual Holley National Hot Rod Reunion in the Books
- Posted June 28, 2015 -
NHRR Rundown...if you like rain and heat this is for you!

Racing in June during the Midwest guarantees you two things and that is heat and the chance of rain. After large amounts of rain and large amounts of heat we were witness to some great racing putting the 13th Annual Holley National Hot Rod Reunion in the books. 
Presented by AAA Insurance, the 13th installment of this race was one of the biggest yet. With over 400 racers and 1200 show cars, the grounds were packed with cars and spectators alike. Mother Nature also made an appearance on every day trying hard to rain on the parade but that didn’t stop the masses from attending to see the best drag racing action available.

Gas Eliminator always packs the staging lanes and with 57 cars they were packed. Action came early with Hoosiers Ron Beach and Kenny Robinson running identical dead on .004 killing the C/E index with Beach getting the nod and the possible bye run for first round. Jerry Wilson, Bob Eaker, and George Zinnicky rounded out the top 5. Eliminations went by quickly and we found the final four taking the lanes with a heads up pairing with Sam Patrick and Bob Mitchell. Patrick drilled the tree taking the advantage all the way to the stripe. The other pair found previous champ Adam Cline taking the holeshot advantage but found Nick Dishon parked beside him at the finish line waving bye in a double breakout pass stacking Dishon in the lanes with Patrick. The final was all Dishon as he swung at the tree and nailed it taking the advantage and forcing Patrick under to take his first NHRR win on his first father’s day as his new daughter was in the lanes to help celebrate the win.

Comp Eliminator rounded the bend next and the action was just as intense. Richard Lawson drove to the top with a dead on .001 putting his E/C index in his back pocket while watching the others try to keep up. “Uncle” Dale Fidler hopped up to second edging out Ohio’s favorite son Ed Masminster for third. Tim Reis and Russell Snyder rounded out the top five. Dodging the rain showers, the final four found themselves strapped in and ready to get down. Glenn Lever traveled all the way from New York to load Pat Lamont with a gate job forcing Lamont under and into the trailer. Donny Loechel had the same idea in place and left on Reis forcing him under and taking the win. The final was over quickly as Loechel left first with his E/C index but Lever left alongside him on his A/C index handing the win over to Loechel.

PRO 7.50 gets more competitive as the years pass and this year proved that point. Michelle Lewis unloaded her dragster and went under on the first lap and stood there staring at the ladder knowing where she needed to be. In one more lap, she was there taking the top spot running .03 over for her first number one qualifier in as many races this season. NDRL regulars Derek McCuiston, Darrell Wathen, Wayne Sears, and Robert Buckley rounded out the top five. The semifinal pairings found Sears and Wathen staged up with Sears taking the leave and forcing Wathen to play his cards running .02 under advancing Sears to a repeat of last year’s final with Ross Laird who was advancing with a bye. The final was over quickly as Laird red lit parking Sears under the tower for photos and the accolades that come with winning the event.

Last and certainly not least is the most competitive class in competition and that is PRO 7.00. NDRL racer Jeffrey Sanborn took only one lap to let the competition know that there is a new Sherriff in town and his name is Bruiser. The boards lit up and that dead on .002 lap would hold and secure the first round bye. Billy Smith got close but his 7.02 would land him second followed but Michael Sexton, Larry Harlen and Brad Prater. Semifinal pairings has Sanborn up against Justin Malott with Sanborn dropping a .007 package leaving Malott heading to the trailer. That was Sanborns third dead on lap in four rounds setting up the final with “Rocketman” Robbie Freels who advanced with a bye. Sanborn left first but Freels closed it up running dead on but could not catch the Fiat earning Sanborn his first win at the historic facility.

The next stop for the NDRL-IAM Championship Series will be at Summit Motorsports Park for the Blue Suede Cruise. Bill Bader has a full weekend of awesomeness planned and it’s a cant miss event every year. Thanks to all the racers and fans that came out. As always, we would be nothing without the great marketing partners that support us: International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers (IAMAW), Quickfuel Technologies, Briggs and Stratton, ScottRods Custom HotRods & Fiberglass, ET Genie, Sexton Wilbert Corporation, Ross Racing Engines, Hot Heads Research, Phenix Industries, Freedom Racing Engines, Howards Cams, Saldana Racing Products Competition Products, Shorty Rader Racing, Deist Safety, Renegade Racing Fuels & Lubricants, DJ Safety, and Buzelli Golf.

PRO 7.0
W-Jeffrey Sanborn 7.06@156.24 
R/U-Robbie Freels 7.00@189.36

PRO 7.50
W-Wayne Sears 7.70@135.92
R/U-Ross Laird 16.75@46.75

PRO Comp
W-Donny Loechel 13.21@59.92 (10.00)
R/U-Glenn Lever 7.95@165.96 (8.00)

W-Nick Dishon 8.52@141.73 (8.50)
R-U Sam Patrick 9.96@131.14 (10.00)
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