- Posted September 16, 2015 -
THURSDAY: Gates open from 8:00-4:00. NDRL Race Director Jason Becker will be teching all NDRL classes. Arrivals after 4:00 will be parked outside the track. FRIDAY: Gates open from 8:00-5:00. Friday morning will have a open time run for classes then one round of qualifying in the afternoon. SATURDAY: Gates open at 8:00 for two rounds of qualifying. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY: Gates open at 8:00 for final eliminations. Daily run times will not be finalized till Friday and a schedule will be posted. NDRL members will be having... Read More

Briggs & Stratton and the NDRL deliver at the Arch
- Posted September 02, 2015 -

Madison, IL. August in the Midwest will deliver two things. The first is the best in nostalgia racing and the second will be the hot muggy days that the summer brings earning this race the name Briggs & Stratton Hot August Nights. The NDRL teamed up with the Pacific Street Car Association and the Street Car Super Nationals to deliver an entire weekend of racing delivering the best of yesterday’s technology and the fastest street cars in the nation using the best of modern technology.
Starting with a test session on Thursday, the teams hit the track tes... Read More

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